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Marchesa is an American brand specializing in women's wear based in New York City. It was established in 2004 by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. Marchesa is known for designing dresses for celebrities, including Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, and Penélope Cruz.

LanaLoo from NYC posted a review on Shopbop after buying a Marchesa dress online:

"I absolutely loved this dress in photos but was underwhelmed a bit in person. The color feels darker than expected. Still very pretty though, my biggest problem is with sizing. The measurements listed would make a size 0 too small for me at a 30" bust, but I grabbed this size and a 2 just in case since 0 is my usual size. The 0 is huge on me. I'm a 32B and the but size on this is easily 3x if not 4x bigger than I am. Really weird sizing."


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Former Intern - Design Intern says

"Employees are extremely overworked and underpaid. Interns are used for delivery and sewing labor and not taught anything."

Former Intern - Intern says

"- As an intern they make you work 7 days a week, more than 10 hours daily - Owners don´t know how to treat people - Dirty offices -Unorganized I really wouldn´t recommend waste your time in a company that doesn´t appreciate people in general."

Former Intern - Design says

"This company takes advantage of interns to the highest degree and does very little to teach them anything- basically uses them as free labor. There were at least 10 interns while I was there which is a lot for a small company, most toiling away in a back room separate from the rest of the staff. One intern that worked there while I was there worked FULL TIME hours for OVER A YEAR and they gave her $0 ! Just hoping and praying they’d hire her one day.. extremely illegal btw. On top of that we were expected to work long hours. The extent of usury is just so gross.."

Former Employee - Intern says

"Office is very out of the way."

Former Intern - Fashion Design Intern says

"-Incredibly high employee turnover. So many people left/let go from the 4 months I was with this company. -Disorganized, always running behind. I don't understand how this company is still afloat with how behind they are with creating their collections, and the disorganization of their studio and orders. Fabrics always were late, coming in last minute. No schedule that is actually followed. I truly believe they have spread themselves too thin with the amount of brand extensions they have taken on. They need to narrow it down and focus on what made them successful in the first place. -Stressful work environment. A lot of pressure on employees and interns since the company is very disorganized and consistently behind schedule. -Unethical treatment of interns - while they do offer credit to interns who need it, they would knowingly hire interns without providing pay or credit. Not only is this illegal, but it shows a lack of care and respect. -Depending on your supervisor, your work could very well just be running errands around midtown. -Long hours. They will take advantage of their interns and have them stay all night. My advice here is put your foot down and be diligent about leaving when you need to. What can they you? You are already working for free and they need all the help they can get. -While my internship was design, I truly did not learn much more about design than the day I walked in there. Ask questions to make the most of your experience! -They say they "hire from within", but 1. I'm not sure who would want to work here after being an intern, 2. All of the new hires from my time there were outside hires, and 3. there really are not many new positions or openings presented to interns."

Former Intern - Anonymous Intern says

"Work for long hours for free and yet no one says thanks with a smile. At first I thought my work was good to be hired here but later I realized that they keep hiring interns as they near to any show or shoot. For few weeks my only job was to run errands through out the day which includes bringing coffee, salad, plates etc and getting rims of fabrics. They didn't even provide me a subway pass as I travelled from NJ. I had to look for someone nice whom I could borrow a pass. For few days I cut laces and fix the beadings of bridal gowns standing for several hours. Still the owner don't even say thanks or pass a smile. I felt discriminated and pathetic."

Former Intern - Couture Design says

"As a design intern at Marchesa , head management seemed to not only rely heavily on the work of interns but grossly under appreciated them, Expecting them to work long hours for no pay often in a back room separated from the rest of the staff. Many interns were also hired illegally overseas. I knew one intern from England who worked full time for a year unpaid and did not even get a paying job out of it in the end. truly disgraceful. Frantic environment, and expect to be working along side many other design interns. Also, your chances of landing a job post internship are very slim, do not go into it expecting to get hired."

Former Employee - Associate says

"Management, particularly the CEO, has no idea what they (he) are doing. The company is lucky the Weinstein company is basically keeping the company afloat. They do not have any money to pay their vendors and luckily there was no issue with paychecks. It is true (from previous reviews) the word around the industry the company is going under - and fast. There is no standard for the way they do things, the CEO is very unprofessional and you never knew what kind of mood he would be in until he would be storming around the office just yelling at people. He grabs things out of your hand and there have been people from other companies who refuse to work with him. Not one person in the company likes him and for obvious reasons. They need HR to help them get a better hiring system in place and on-boarding system to go through training with new hires. Also, they have lied to new employees coming in to interview and when starting the job - nothing they told them was true. This is the worst job I have ever had and the experience was degrading and I advise never to work here - unless new CEO is hired."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Marchesa has absolutely no money. I did the job of 4 people and was told I needed to work weekends with no comp days given. How am I supposed to work 6 days a week. Design worked 3 months in a row without any days off. The Management (if that's what you want to call them) have no idea what they are doing and support an unhealthy work environment. They constantly have their doors closed which is unproductive and intimidating. There was no money for supplies the office is filthy. The designers are not pleasant to work with and the quality of the Notte collection is embarrassing to sell. Word around the industry says this company will be out of business soon."

Former Intern - PR Intern says

"Interns are treated poorly, highest level management is disrespectful to the rest of the employees with major anger management issues, unpaid"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The hours are crazy and you are obligated to work weekends You have no choice, when they are close to present a show they get crazy and make you work crazy hours, at times I started working the whole week from 9am to 11 pm and on top I had to work Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 7pm and this happens very often, you think you are getting paid good but not really because you are working these crazy hours and if you are salary you get no overtime"

Design Internship (Former Employee) says

"too many unpaid interns working almost full time unorganized work floor no credit not creatively challenging Interns do seamstress work"

Atelier (Former Employee) says

"Learned a lot. Great place to start your career. Would not change this experience for the world. Stressful but worthwhile. Quite a chaotic workplace.."

Design Intern - Ready-To-Wear, Bridal, Notté (Former Employee) says

"As an intern you expect to do a lot of undesirable tasks, however washing the dishes of the co-founding designers at the end of each work day was not exactly my idea of learning in the world of fashion design. Or retrieving their prescriptions from their respective doctors offices. I did however get to help with creating mood boards, show style lineup and creating embellishments used for runway. Hands on but a few downfalls.Hands onpersonal tasks for employees"

Assistant Embroidery Designer couture/bridal (Former Employee) says

"Lacking management and company structure. Definitely learned a lot within the department - design and communication with the factories. The work hours depend on how fast you can finish your project."

Public Relations Manager (Current Employee) says

"Each day in the office is different. I often juggle various projects at a time so time management and prioritizing is crucial to my organization. Whether it is liaising with international editors, coordinating with top celebrity stylists, or setting up for photoshoots working with high-end luxury product akin to that of art is always an incredible opportunity. Working side by side with the designers through the creative process is incredible.sample borrowingvery long hours/weekends"

Intern (Former Employee) says

"The overall environment is cut throat and stressful. The management team is horrible and they always leave things until last minute. Interns are not paid and they always leave a lot of work for the interns to finish because they do not employ enough workers to do the job." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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